Stories of teachers dating students

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Still, Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney says the district understands that there is a "different type of support that is needed." Penn, which covered Monday's meeting , reports that teachers raised similar concerns with the Harrisburg School District in January.In March, the Harrisburg school board school approved 490 expulsion rulings against students dating back to the 2014-15 school year, Penn reported.District officials say they are just following state law that has put them in a bind with their students.“This is the perfect storm of state legislation," Lillian Govus, a spokeswoman for Salem-Keizer, told Oregon law says that sex under the age of 18 is considered abuse and teachers have to report their students, according to the district. The district was holding its annual mandatory reporting training in October when it was asked to clarify whether teachers should report sex between students.In its training, the district gave examples to teachers to further explain when they should report.And then he went off on one of those snooty sermons about how pedestrian and base Internet readers are for clicking on stories about topics like "Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students." I've read enough of those that if I never read another one it will be too soon.But, still, hoping to learn why teachers have sex with their students (I'm a parent, and as much as I never even want to contemplate this topic, I also don't want to be in denial about it), I pressed on until the end.

Students who signed the petition argued that the rule would keep victims of sexual assault silent out of fear of being reported.

Four female students -- three juveniles and one adult -- were arrested following Wednesday’s melee, which took place at a.m.

as students were leaving homeroom for their first period classes.

HARRISBURG — Teachers in Pennsylvania's capital are asking for support after a series of violent altercations with students has led to multiple resignations.

The Harrisburg Education Association, a teachers union, says at least 45 teachers resigned between July and October.

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You can’t do anything.’ ” Union leaders say it took this week’s wild fight, which sent one teacher to the hospital with a concussion and produced viral videos that led local newscasts, for the Montgomery County district to finally take their long-standing pleas for stepped-up security measures seriously and offer to work with them on solutions.