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To execute commands that do not return rows, create a Command object with the appropriate SQL command and a Connection, including any required Parameters.

Execute the command with the Execute Non Query method of the Command object.

Thanks for your patience, jimbo99999 Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate.

Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

I have a little project involving a Data Table that I use to load a Data Grid on my form.

I want to give the User the option when hitting the button to reload the entire Data Grid or to get the differences from the last time the Data Grid was filled.

I also have the logic in place to copy the second Data Table to the original making it the new one to compare to.

Thanks for your insight, jimbo99999 Thanks for repsonding Code Cruiser. The SQL table that supplies the Data Grid gets updates(changes to records and new records).

Once I find the new rows/changes I will show that to the User and make the second Data Table the new "original".

I have the logic in place that keeps the first Data Table in place and fills a second one.

I am keeping that initial Data Table in tact and then filling a second Data Table.

I now have the original Data Table with 500 records.

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