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It is the Sql Data Adapter’s responsibility to open and close the connection during Fill and Update method calls.As indicated earlier, the Sql Data Adapter contains all of the commands necessary to interact with the data source.You just create a new instance, just like any other object: The Data Set constructor doesn’t require parameters.However there is one overload that accepts a string for the name of the Data Set, which is used if you were to serialize the data to XML.This is okay because they have a given region or customer base where other people won’t be changing the same records.At the end of the day, the sales person will connect to the network and update changes for overnight processing.

Consider sales people who need customer data as they travel.

Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with a data source.

It is the Sql Data Adapter that manages connections with the data source and gives us disconnected behavior.

The code showed how to specify the select statment, but didn’t show the insert, update, and delete statements.

These are added to the Sql Data Adapter after it is instantiated.

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Every request for the page checks the cache and loads the data if it isn’t there or just pulls the data out of cache and displays it.

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