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Vikki still dating trevor

We are not neutral or objective about sexualized violence, child abuse, or torture. An Adlerian orientation to our work resources us to be agents of social change.As an activist-informed therapist, I believe a socially just world is a mentally well world. At Adler, she has taught coursework on the sociocultural structures and structural violence and oppression that contribute to mental unwellness. She is a social justice activist and a clinical supervisor, consultant, and instructor specializing in team development, resisting burnout, and helping organizations enact their ethics for social justice.Alfred saw that young girls did not necessarily want a penis.What they wanted was access to the power their brothers had access to: getting an education, having a voice. So I see some threads between Alfred’s iconoclastic work and the culture of accountable men that feed my hope today in my work against rape culture.

This life of activism has educated me about my locations of privilege, and informed my work to transform society in socially just ways.

How can we sustain ourselves collectively and resist burnout across time?

How can we enact commitments to social interest and social justice in work alongside people struggling in a context of injustice: colonization, genocide, poverty, racism, homelessness, trans and queer phobia, a rape culture?

” Adlerian training means we see the bigger structures.

We move from private pain to public issue, as we have an ethical obligation to work to transform the social contexts that cause and promote suffering.

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As an activist-informed therapist, I have found more and more affinities with Alfred Adler’s teachings and life work across time.