What is being measured in radiometric dating

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Jeffrey Tomkins often staples the first page of his peer-reviewed technical publications to the hallway wall opposite his office.The wall is almost covered now, and human-chimp DNA sequence comparisons headline his many finds.Why trust what Scripture says about the Lord Jesus saving us from our sins through His historical death and resurrection if science says we cannot trust what Scripture says about the historical death of Adam or the historical deaths of those who refused to repent and be saved aboard the Ark? Hebert’s new analysis, Christians can expose key errors in ice core age assertions.

But thanks be to God that His world matches His Word time after time.

Refuting that number also refutes the evolutionary doctrine it was intended to bolster—that humans and chimps somehow share a common ancestor that supposedly lived from three to six million years ago. It means a 15% difference between human and chimp DNA.

When you consider that these genomes have over three billion DNA bases, we’re looking at 450,000,000 information bits that unintelligent forces of nature would have had to expertly encode over only a few million years.

Ice Cores, Recent Creation, and the Gospel ICR physicist Dr.

Jake Hebert recently completed a multiyear analysis of some of the methods secular scientists use to assign ages to different depths within drill cores extracted from deep-sea sediments and polar ice sheets.

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Scripture tells us that God exists outside the universe and commanded the worlds into being without pre-existing material In today’s culture, evolution and evolutionary time masquerade as science and rank among the top objections to believing the Bible.