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I've just started doing courgette pasta [], which I think is great.We'll slice up the courgette in thin slices like spaghetti and have that with some bolognese, ragu. I tend to get a lot of injuries, so I'll typically avoid cardio when I'm not making a movie. The sprint training promotes muscle growth as well, whereas the long distance running will turn you into an endurance athlete. On the bench press, I put 40 kilograms on each side, plus the bar, but I try not to go too much heavier than that.But I read the script, and it was almost tailor-made for me, so I just decided to go with it. I heard that Van Damme was alright with it [laughs]. The director brought back John Woo's style, and we’re massive fans of the original. I find it hard in Thailand and China and places like that—there's a lot of rice and noodles and things of that sort, so my diet sometimes sucks a bit in those parts of the world.But generally I find that if I cut out carbs from after lunch and I'm just having vegetables and some protein for the rest of the day, the weight just drops off me. I'll get up, I'll pretty much eat what I want for breakfast, I have a healthy sandwich, and meat and vegetables for dinner.In his new movie, Adkins plays a retired MMA fighter who can't resist a million-dollar purse for one final fight in the jungles of Myanmar, but things don't go as planned—instead of a fight, he must battle his way against a heavily armed group that has paid to hunt and kill him, making the hunters become the hunted. Adkins keeps himself in shape with sparring and fight training. I get it done, but I’d rather do some martial arts-type training.Depending on the part I’m training for, if I need to be bigger, I just train five times a week with the weights and mix it up.I was certainly burning a lot of calories.] It's not like I had to change what I was doing. Yeah, you could stay a monster like I am—bulky all year round.But the thing is, I want to play other parts as an actor.

He is one of the few men standing who can say he's been in a wild knock-down, drag-em-out fight with Jason Statham— But an ass-kicking specialty might actually be underselling Adkins' talent, since he's trained in no fewer than six forms of martial arts: Karate, judo, kickboxing, jujutsu, Krav Maga, and ninjutsu—yes, as in the art of being a ninja. ” One rule always applies, though: “I always make sure to go in the gym and train intensely,” says Adkins. That's what you've got to do." SCOTT ADKINS: I’m training about five to six times a week.

Well, for starters, he's an actor definitely destined for Hollywood stardom.

Even the most talented, wide-ranging Hollywood actors tend to inhabit a certain niche.

I'm a little bit old school, to be honest: three sets, reps of 8 to 12. I'll train my chest and my arms on Monday, I'll do my legs on Wednesday, and I'll do shoulders/back on Friday. I think you just need to get in there and train, that’s the key.

The simple stuff works—you don't need to over-complicate it. John Woo [director of the original I played his character's right-hand man and I was worried that I was going to be seen as the guy who was cashing in on Van Damme or trying to ride the coattails of his success, which was not what I'm trying to do at all. You'd have been hard-pressed to find a bigger Van Damme fan than me when I was 12 to 18.

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"Taylor and Joe use disguises when they see each other," an insider admitted. So, the same star who was photographed traveling the world with ex-beau Tom Hiddleston (RIP Hiddleswift) managed to keep a long term relationship a secret from the press? (Photo Credit: Getty Images) "Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship," a source close to the couple explained. "She keeps saying he's the most romantic guy she's ever met.